Hello there popcorn aficionados of Edmonton, Alberta!

I bet you’re here because you’re seeking simple-to-follow commercial popcorn machine instructions. Well, you’re in luck!

River City Events offers four different types of popcorn machines:

While there may be slight differences between these popcorn machines, the overall principles of popcorn making remain the same!

Also, let’s talk about responsibility for a moment. Operating popcorn equipment requires a touch of maturity and safety consciousness. Therefore, this equipment is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

Ready to pop? Here’s what we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Powering Up Your Popcorn Machine
  • Choosing the Right Popcorn for Your Machine
  • Popping Popcorn
  • Serving Popcorn
  • Cleaning the Popcorn Machine

Powering Up Your Popcorn Machine

Keep in mind that the machine requires a standard 110-volt outlet and always avoid using an extension cord or generator.

This isn’t just a safety guideline; it’s a popcorn law!

Now, we’re ready to get started. At the top of the machine, you will notice three switches that control the heat lamp, agitator, and kettle heat.

Go ahead and flip on the heat lamp. This keeps your popcorn fresh, crisp, and puts it on display.

Next, activate the agitator switch. The agitator is a rotating instrument inside the kettle, and flipping this switch will set it in motion.

Finally, turn on the kettle heat to ignite the pilot light.

Powering Up Your Popcorn Machine

Now, onto the real star of the show – the popcorn itself!

It’s essential to choose an all-in-one popcorn solution for your popcorn maker. But why limit yourself to this? Because not all popcorns are created equal!

Different types of popcorn and various oils react differently to heat, which can result in anything from burning to uneven popping. If you decide to supply your own popcorn, remember that the result might not be ideal. If you experience any issues such as burnt popcorn or smoking oil, turn off the machine immediately, clean out all parts, and then reach out to us for assistance.

For a consistent and successful popping session, we recommend the 8-ounce all-in-one popcorn package from River City Events. You can either purchase these packages in a bundle of 10, or an entire case of 36 packages.

Each package of all-in-one popcorn is guaranteed to work seamlessly with your machine and pack approximately 5 concession bags. One case of popcorn can even yield a staggering 200 servings. Now, that’s a lot of delicious popcorn!

Popping Popcorn

Now open your first popcorn bag and pour the kernels and oil into the kettle and lower the lid.

As the magic happens, listen out for the popping to stop. This will take about 5 minutes for your first batch, and about 3 to 4 minutes for subsequent batches.

Once the popping stopes, immediately dump the popcorn into the cabinet using the handle mechanism.

If you’re going for a second round, simply empty out another bag into the kettle, close the lid, and repeat the process. If you are taking a break in between batches, remember to turn of the kettle heat and agitator while there is no popcorn in the kettle.

For the last batch, remember to turn the kettle heat off midway to prevent smoke.

Serving Popcorn

Be gentle while scooping fresh popcorn into the bags and prop full bags against the side of the cabinet to keep them warm.

Remember, the presentation is key here! And don’t forget, a clean glass is a must to keep that popcorn looking irresistible!

Cleaning the Popcorn Machine

Remember the famous saying: Cleanliness is next to popcorn-ness!

Make sure you remove all unused popcorn from the cabinet and kettle. Wipe down inside and out with a vinegar and water solution, but never immerse the kettle in water. A simple wipe with a soft cloth while still warm is enough for the kettle.

Finally, empty and wipe out the kernels from the bottom tray of the machine.

Also, let’s talk about responsibility for a moment. Operating popcorn equipment requires a touch of maturity and safety consciousness. Therefore, this equipment is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

Contact Us

While these instructions make operating the popcorn machine seem like a breeze, we understand if you encounter some unexpected hiccups.

If that happens, don’t panic!

You can always reach out to us at (780) 424-6001. Any reckless handling or operation of the popcorn machine can lead to potential injury. The team at River City Events isn’t liable for any injuries due to mishandling, but we’re always here to guide you through the process!

Lastly, if you enjoyed your popcorn popping experience (and we’re confident you will), do remember to clean the machine before returning it. A $50.00 cleaning fee is applicable for each unit returned unclean. Cleaning your popcorn machine not only helps you avoid the fee, but it also ensures the next popcorn enthusiast can enjoy their experience too!

There you have it, the ultimate guide to commercial popcorn machine instructions. Remember, the best popcorn comes from following these instructions closely, using quality popcorn, and of course, adding a sprinkle of love and patience.

Happy popping!