A Great Company is nothing without its Great People.

Meet our fabulous team of planners, designers, delivery associates and client care specialists.

  • Joe AmmarJoe Ammar President

    Joe Ammar, President & CEO

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    Phone: 780.424.6001 ext. 999
    Email: joe@rivercityevents.ca

    As the President and CEO of River City Events, Joe oversees all strategic and business operations of the company. His experience in the events industry spans over 27 years and he has contributed and directed some of the most successful and original productions in the event industry.

    Under his leadership, the company has been recognized by numerous local organizations and associations. River City Events has won the Consumer Choice Awards and Best Designed Booth for five consecutive years at the Edmonton Bridal Fair. In addition, his company won a National Philanthropy Award from the Canadian Cancer Society in recognition of his leadership and support.

    Joe is a strong believer in giving back to the community. He supports many organizations and non-for-profit associations in our city. He is the former president of the Canadian Rental Association, Alberta Chapter and former Honorary Chair for the 2012 Relay for Life of the Canadian Cancer Society for Strathcona County. In addition, he serves on various organizing committees and boards, including the North Edge Business Association, Synergy and The Relay for Life of the Canadian Cancer Society in the Greater Edmonton Region.

  • Anna DawsonAnna Dawson Business Resources Manager

    Anna Dawson, Business Resources Manager

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    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 929
    email: anna@rivercityevents.ca

    Anna brings a wealth of event experience to her position with River City Events as well as professional accreditation in Human Resources Management. Overseeing all departments daily is a big job and Anna is most definitely up to the task! In addition to her HR and Director roles, she keeps her creative flair by managing high profile events for River City Events. We aren't even sure if she really sleeps!

  • Vania AsenovaVania Asenova Communications Manager

    Vania Asenova, Communications Manager

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    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 926
    email: vania@rivercityevents.ca

    Vania oversees the marketing and advertising operations of the company. She is an award- winning communications professional with extensive experience in integrated marketing communications and corporate event management. In addition to her marketing responsibilities, Vania also provides strategic guidance and event planning support to our corporate clients. Multitasking is her superpower, so we strongly suspect she may have some octopus DNA. Vania holds a diploma in Public Relations from MacEwan University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature.

  • Gerry BrownGerry Brown Account Manager

    Gerry Brown, Account Manager

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    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 938
    email: gerry@rivercityevents.ca

  • Chelsea LawrieChelsea Lawrie Wedding Consultant

    Chelsea Lawrie, WPICC

    Wedding Consultant

    Connect with Chelsea

    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 924
    email: chelsea@rivercityevents.ca

    Chelsea Lawrie proudly joined the River City Events team in 2014 as a wedding consultant. Chelsea holds a diploma in Fashion Arts from Humber College in Toronto. Majoring in Colour Theory and Fashion Show Production and Design, Chelsea carries the expertise to direct many aspects of event planning including set design, prop management and casting. Passionate and dedicated to event planning and client care service, her experience within the hospitality sector has allowed her the opportunity to work on many lavish special events, weddings and countless corporate functions.

  • Stephanie PrattStephanie Pratt Lead Client Care Associate

    Stephanie Pratt, Lead Client Care Associate

    Connect with Stephanie

    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 923
    email: stephanie@rivercityevents.ca

    As part of the Client Care Team, Stephanie oversees the operations of our client care team. Her role is to ensure the delivery of prompt and competent frontline client care. She is not only an awesome client care supervisor but also a fast pitch softball pitcher!

  • Danielle BostonDanielle Boston Lead Client Care Associate

    Danielle Boston, Lead Client Care Associate

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    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 945
    email: danielle@rivercityevents.ca

  • Monica RoncovMonica Roncov Client Care Manager

    Monica Roncov, Client Care Manager

    Connect with Monica

    Phone: 780.424.6001 ext. 928
    Email: monica@rivercityevents.ca

    Monica creates order in the company and make sure the executive office is spotless and well organized. With her calm and structured nature she backs up the team while busy building beautiful events. Monica’s efforts are devoted to supporting our CEO and servicing our clients. Our clients love working with her - she has superior interpersonal skills, is highly organized, dedicated and sincerely enjoys building relations with our clients. In her free time, you will find her enjoying the outdoors.

  • Kayla MacbeathKayla Macbeath Client Care Associate

    Kayla Macbeath, Client Care Associate

    Connect with Kayla

    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 930
    email: kayla@rivercityevents.ca

    As part of the Client Care Team, Kayla is one of the first faces you will see when you visit our showroom. As a client care specialist, Kayla provides support to clients by booking their rental orders, answering their questions related to products and process and ensuring the best customer service possible.

  • Raian HalabiRaian Halabi Corporate Event Consultant

    Raian Halabi, Corporate Event Consultant

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    Ph: 780-424-6001 ext. 931
    email: raian@rivercityevents.ca

    With a background in architecture and interior design, Raian has a desire to build and create things. As part of the event planning division, she handles all of our corporate client events and has worked extensively on many high profile events in and around Edmonton. Raian provides event planning and design support through consulting on rental items, theme and décor planning, and final execution of the event. Share your vision with her and she will design your event - as beautiful as surfing into a Caribbean sunrise, minus the sharks.

  • Sarah MitchellSarah Mitchell Event Planning & Design

    Sarah Mitchell, Event Planning & Design

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  • Dennis ChomikDennis Chomik Warehouse Manager

    Dennis Chomik, Warehouse Manager

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    Ph: 780-424-6001 x 922 | Cell: 780-777-1226
    email: dennis@rivercityevents.ca

    Dennis started his career with River City Events in Delivery and Transportation, and quickly moved up the ranks and is now our Warehouse Manager! He knows how we roll and now spends a lot of his time managing and organizing our rental inventory.

  • Angela RooneyAngela Rooney Warehouse Supervisor

    Angela Rooney, Warehouse Supervisor

    Connect with Angela

    Ph: 780-424-6001
    email: warehouse@rivercityevents.ca

    Running the River City Events warehouse is a full time endeavour! With upwards of 500 orders being assembled/packed/delivered and returned each month, Angela and her team are on their toes at all times! Hailing from England, Angela brings a bold sense of humour and "get it done" work ethic that keeps the warehouse running smoothly!

  • Joseph (Marlon) RehoyJoseph (Marlon) RehoyWarehouse Supervisor
  • Joe RaplizaJoe Rapliza Warehouse Supervisor
  • Brandon AboultaifBrandon Aboultaif Warehouse Supervisor
  • Anne FrancoAnne Franco Linen Department Associate
  • Nahida HalabiNahida Halabi Linen Department Associate
  • Tyler AboultaifTyler Aboultaif Linen Department Associate
  • John GibasJohn Gibas Delivery & Transportation Associate