Are you an event organizer in Edmonton, Alberta looking to connect a microphone directly to your Opera 12 speaker?

Look no further! In this post, we’ll show you exactly how to do it step-by-step. Here’s the overview:

  • Speaker Package Overview
  • Speaker Tripod Setup
  • Mounting the Speaker
  • Powering the Speaker
  • Connecting the Mic
  • Turning the Speaker On
  • Mic On/Off Switch

Speaker Package Overview

Your speaker package comes with a number of elements:

  • Opera 12 Series Speaker
  • Tripod Stand
  • 1 microphone
  • XLR Cable
  • Power Supply Cable

Speaker Tripod Setup

First, loosen the bottom knob of the tripod.

speaker tripod bottom knob

And then push down on the mount above the legs to extend them:

opening speaker tripod

Avoid extending the legs too far—just enough so that the tripod has a broad, firm stance.

Then, to raise the tripod mast, begin by loosening the top knob.

speaker tripod top knob

Next, pull up the tripod mast to your desired height:

raising mast of speaker tripod

And then Insert the mast pin, making sure it goes in the desired hole in the mast and out the other side.

speaker tripod pin

Lastly, push down on the pole so that the pin rests on the mast collar. This pin does all the work in holding the speaker firmly on the tripod, even if the bottom knob is a bit loose.

Mounting the Speaker

To put the speaker on the tripod, find the hole on the bottom of the speaker.

hole at bottom of opera 12 speaker for tripod

Lift the speaker up and line the hole to the tripod mast.

mounting opera 12 speaker onto tripod

The speaker simply sits there.

Powering the Speaker

Connect the speaker’s power supply by plugging it into any standard 110 volt plug.

Hot tip: One circuit can support up to 4 speakers.

Connecting the Mic

Plug in the audio source (in this case, an XLR cable with a microphone on the other end) to channel 1 on the speaker. Rotate the XLR connector until it pops into the speaker.

Make sure that channel 1’s switch is set to “Mic” (as in microphone) and not “Line.”

Then, plug in the microphone to the other end of the XLR cable.

Turning the Speaker On

Before turning the speaker on, confirm that Channel 1’s volume is set to 0 to avoid any accidental feedback.

Turn the speaker on (a flashing LED indicator will indicate the speaker has power). Slowly increase channel 1’s volume. If you hear any feedback as you increase the speaker’s volume, that means you need to decrease the volume a little bit.

Mic On/Off Switch

Some microphones have an ON/OFF switch on them. If you don’t have any sound after plugging the microphone in and turning the speaker on, it may be because you have not set this switch to ON.

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